Review your eating habits

Review your eating habits

Binge eating habits themselves that most people in the ‘i  problem ” that she thinks. But this is not true! If you can not control your appetite, trouble eating food is what you actually eat. Trying to healthy eating, what you eat, enjoy, and we forget to enjoy the meal.

Brain this forgetfulness’ hunger ‘as definitions and forces you to eat more.

ECHO experts from Hospital rebellion, the important thing is not to lose weight, it emphasizes that the protection of the weight.

Bronze, ” Studies show that about 98 percent of those who lose weight with weight-loss program that they have received the weight they lost within 1-2 years. When 2 percent to protect the weight they give part has one common aspect: career, relationships, such as environmental or behavioral changes It is a radical change in the life story.

Applications targeting behavior change should be based on nutritional counseling. The person with behavior modification therapy examines current eating habits to achieve healthy weight; healthy habits offered concrete proposals for the acquisition of what is necessary to change a lot, about how the solution will change recommended. Behavior modification process; nutrition education, nutrition, and physical activity records, stimulus control, slow eating, exercise, contains many techniques such as cognitive therapy. This stage is followed by an individual as a result, sets personal targets and initiate treatment to solve the problem. “he says.

Behavior modification therapy, the World Health Organization (WHO) adopted by not only attracts attention as a method of weight permanently.

The first step is hidden in the kitchen for behavior change therapy

1. Refrigerator layout:

Foods that you eat are placing the front, the back of the store pests. The best you retain harmful cabinet only if you live! According to research, people who pay attention to the refrigerator scheme, taking only fruits and vegetables on the middle shelf is determined to provide 2 kg per month.

2. Keep increased yesterday:

You’ve invited friends to eat your evening, but food has increased. If you look at the food cupboard every time you open, you’ll want to eat them. To remove the freezer or foil to cover it, will help you to wait until the other meals.

3. Reduce your shopping cart:

Shopping can be more economical to do wholesale, but not for our body! Wholesale shoppers food consumption was observed that more than 56 percent compared to other people. Divide into small portions of food we receive wholesale takes just 10 minutes, but the interests of hundreds of calories from your diet.

4. Spoon, reduce your plates and bowls:

In a small bowl 1 scoop enough you will not normally appear in a large bowl. At the same time the use of small cutlery, meal allows you to eat slower and feel full of yourself when you are finished eating.

5. Get yourself your own catering:

If Masada is helping you, you want to finish your plate dinner set. Determines your greatness by serving yourself and your service, you avoid both the desire to eat more.

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